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For more than 20 years, our dedicated and passionate team has been innovating to make students learning experience more fun, more efficient and safer. We are proud to offer you a bunch of unique high quality services for students who really want to learn and progress!

Only pay for the lessons that you do!

We don't control the weather, neither do you! If the lesson you booked is canceled because of unsuitable weather conditions, we do not exchange it for another activity or give you a voucher for a later date, we simply don't charge you for the lessons!

Boat assistance for increased safety and more time spent in the water!

We have been teaching from boats for more than 15 years and it is probably the safest and most efficient way to learn kitesurfing. No obstacles around so you can focus on your kiting! No more tiring walks upwind on the beach with the kite in the air means increased safety and energy conservation for the students! All our water-crafts use jet propulsions, avoiding the inherent risks of fast spinning propellers.

Radio-Helmets: Direct contact and feedback from your instructor.

No more shouting from afar! Radio-helmets allow you to have a clear listening of your instructor, in real time! This teaching tool contributes greatly to make your learning experience enjoyable, safe and more than anything: efficient! Real time feedback on your actions during the lessons is definitely a plus!!!

Learn from your own mistakes!

By mixing video analysis as well as practical advices, you will be able to progress much faster! We will record short videos of some of your key-moments to allow you to review them and learn from your mistakes. We found that people seeing their own mistakes are much likely to correct them more efficiently.

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Magma is...

Years of kiting over 20
Kiters taught, 1.2 billions
Satisfaction, % 99,99999999999
Lost kiters at sea, % 0

Why Choose Us?

It just works!

All our experience and expertise to exceed your expectations, bringing you a flawless holiday.

We respect your schedule

We stay flexible and respect your way to enjoy your trip.

We have the magic

You'll feel it too! We love what we do and sharing the stoke is our top priority!

Souvenir makers

We will constantly be behind the lens and in the air, filming and shooting your every moves.

Safety first

We will personally look after your safety and make sure you are covered from every angle.

We're Friendly

We're nice people, kiters providing for kiters ;-)


How to get here?
Fuerteventura is serviced by most of the Spanish companies like Iberia, Spanair, Binter Canarias… Some low-cost companies like Ryanair or Easyjet or Vueling also fly here. Sometimes, flying to Lanzarote can be a good option. It’s only 20min of ferry away! From France there are now Jetair and Volotea flying from the main cities.
What about the weather?
Fuerteventura enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine a year! The temperature is pleasant all year round. In winter most of the locals ride in shorties or with a spring suit, and during the summer, a rashie is more than enough! During the summer months, the Trade Winds blow every day, offering a constant North-East 15-2O knots breeze and flat water all around the island. From October to March, the wind is a bit lighter but the swell can get big… The perfect time for the wave riders! To check the wind stats and more, visit Windguru.
Where to stay?
The best thing to do to avoid the tourist crowds but still stay pretty close to the spots, is to stay either in Lajares, Villaverde or Cotillo. We offer a wide range of accommodations to suit all kind a people. If you’re a group of friends, a family with kids or just a couple, we surely have what you’re looking for! Check the accommodation section for more details or send us an email.
Should I rent a car?
Yes, you should definitely rent a car if you want to appreciate the island fully. Although the bus network is pretty developed, they don’t allow any surfing equipment onboard. A day car rental is around 10 Eur. Check Pluscar or Rentalcars, most of the time they offer the best rates! And make sure you book soon enough to have the car you want when you get here.
Any other sports I can practice on the island?
The Island is famous for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing, but you can practice foiling, diving, freediving, snorkeling, mountain biking, quad, buggy, golf, yoga...
Any good restaurants around?
You can find us pretty much every evening at the bar / pizzeria, "La Cancela" in front of the Magma shop. They offer some tapas and probably the best pizzas on the island!!!
You can also find a lot of typical Spanish and Canarian restaurants around the area: from fresh fish to some home-made “tapas”: “Olivo Corso” (tapas), “El Horno” (meat), “El Mahoh” (canarians specialties), “La Marisma” (fresh fish), "Marea alta" (spanish cuisine), "Vaca Azul" (fres fish) are the ones not to be missed!!!
We can also organise some home catering for you. A professional cook will come to your house and cook for you!
Any nightlife?
In Lajares you’ll find several bars to have a cold beer after a long day on the water! The biggest and well-know bars “El Return” or "Canela Cafe", are often animated by some live bands or DJs. (wednesdays are particularly animated in Lajares) They will welcome you in a very pleasant chilled-out atmosphere, displaying surf or kite movies. Then, if you’re looking for a club type of night, only 10min away: Corralejo, the main tourist place, offers everything to suit all tastes!!!
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